What is the four square metre rule and how does it apply to my business?

By ensuring that there is four square metres of space per person, you can help reduce the likelihood of the spread of the virus within your business.

To apply the four square metre rule to your business, you will need to calculate the area of the room and divide that number by four.

For example, if you had a room that was 40 square metres in size, you should only allow up to 10 people in the room, to allow each person to have four square metres of space.

Spaces available only to staff such as kitchens, behind bars or storage counters are not included when calculating the four square metre rule.

The current directions require capacity limits of 10 patrons per indoor space up to a maximum one patron per four square metres of patron accessible area.

Density restrictions also apply on outdoor seating dining – with one person per two square metres allowed under the Third Step, up to 70 per venue.

For more information, see the State Government’s Hospitality Industry Restart Guidelines.