What are some of the things my business can do right now to stop the spread?

Organisations, workplaces and employers who are responsible for a workplace or venue should start to take actions now to reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus. These actions should include:

  • Cancel all international travel plans.
  • Do not hold non-essential indoor gatherings of 100 or more people such as conferences, ceremonies, assemblies or celebrations. This is a directive by the Victorian Chief Health Officer and Victorian Government.
  • Do not hold non-essential outdoor gatherings of 500 or more people such as trade exhibitions, ceremonies, assemblies or celebrations. This is a directive by the Victorian Chief Health Officer and Victorian Government.
  • Cancel non-essential activities such as domestic business travel, study visits, extra-curricular activities and sporting events.
  • Plan ways to enable physical distancing of 1.5m to reduce in-person contact for both staff and clients.
  • In an enclosed space there should be on average no more than one person per four square metres of floor space.
  • Encourage flexible working arrangements including working from home and off-peak travel.
  • Purchase supplies to help limit infection, for example alcohol sanitisers and soap.
  • Provide and promote sanitisers for use on entering buildings.
  • Increase routine environmental cleaning.
  • Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces regularly, including desks, keyboards and change room surfaces.
  • In a change room, do not share items like towels and soap bars, and wash your hands after changing.
  • Open windows, enhance airflow, adjust air conditioning.
  • Promote preventive actions amongst your staff – lead by example.
  • Ensure the highest hygiene practices among food handlers and canteen staff
  • Where possible, avoid large indoor meetings and lunchrooms and use outdoor venues.
  • Actively encourage sick employees to stay home.
  • Plan for increased levels of staff absences.
  • Plan for what to do if staff arrive sick at work – e.g. identify an isolation room or separated area.
  • Venues with high volumes of movement of people such as shopping centres should take all the measures required at any workplace and should focus on environmental cleaning.
  • Display education materials that can be downloaded and printed from the coronavirus section of the DHHS website.
  • Keep staff informed of the actions you are taking.

The Department of Health and Human Services has more details on measures your business can take to slow the spread and posters you can display in your business.