Is my business appropriate to run from home?

Council has certain requirements for home based businesses.

These requirements help to ensure that your business won’t have a negative impact on your neighbours or the neighbourhood.

Young Happy Businesswoman At Desk Video Conferencing On ComputerThe most appropriate businesses or occupations to be conducted from the home are those where:

  • Only one employee who does not live in the home works in the occupation or business operating in the home.
  • A room or space is set up for the business or occupation away from the rest of the household so that it is not affected by household noises or interruptions if you plan to meet clients at home.
  • The product or service does not require large storage areas, administration or waiting areas.
  • The product or service has only few deliveries and they only occur during normal business hours or daylight hours on weekends.
  • The product or service does not create noise pollution or any other disturbance that can affect the local neighbourhood.

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