Busking Guidelines

What is Busking?

Street performance or “Busking” is the practice of performing in public places, which may attract small monetary donations from people who are entertained by the performance as they pass by.

Street performance dates back to antiquity, occurs all over the world, adding creative interest to local communities, as well as providing the chance for artists to share and develop their skills in the public forum. Busking can include just about anything that people find entertaining such as music, dance, clowning, magic, juggling, storytelling, mime, living statue, street theatre, poetry and painting.

Manningham City Council supports and values the art of busking, and encourages our community toshare their skills in public spaces and enjoy the rewards of public performance. In order to reduce any problems associated with performing in public spaces, buskers must comply with Council’s Busking Guidelines, which identify the appropriate sites, procedures and conditions of busking in Manningham.