NBN is coming

NBN Co’s address checker tool can now tell you when NBN services will be available for your home or business, instead of just letting you know when the network will be rolled out in your area. It’s gives a more accurate view of when the NBN is coming to your neck of the woods and you can try it out now.

The updated address checker will now be able to tell you:

  • When NBN Co plans to rollout the network to your address
  • What NBN technology will be available in your area (e.g. FTTN, FTTP, HFC, etc.)
  • When the NBN build process will commence
  • When NBN services for your address will be available through ISPs

Bear in mind that some addresses may not have all the information available but NBN Co has committed to updating the tool regularly with new information as it comes in.

Check your address now.