Manningham Business Network

What are you doing, right now, to re-engage your clients?

Staying relevant to customers is vital to business growth today. Old activities no longer work and new trends last moments. With so much choice, movement and change, how can we thrive in a sea of disruption.

Attend the June Open Meeting Breakfast with competitive business strategist Russell Pearson, who will show you the keys to customer relevance through powerful planning, positioning and product launches.

In the session you’ll:

  • Learn the new process for market engagement
  • Identify the opportunities available for your own business
  • Get practical and specific advice that you can use
  • Define your next marketing steps ahead of the new financial year.

Over the next 12 months you and your competitors have choices to position yourself for more business, better clients and bigger opportunities.

Your first choice will be attending this month’s session and asking yourself some questions …

  • What can we do differently?
  • Which direction is next?
  • What will tomorrow’s customers look like?

Russell will help shape that discussion and we would love you to attend to gain the engaging insights from a seasoned strategic marketer with a lifetime of real world competitive application.

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