Maralee Consulting

Maralee Consulting

Professional director, mentor and executive coach.

I am a professional director, mentor and coach and a member of the Network of Consulting Professionals. I support business owners and managers to think strategically about their business.

Thinking strategically means looking at the direction of the business as objectives and goals as opposed to its operation. As an experienced mentor, I help you focus on what is important to you, make sound decisions about what to do and ensure that your decisions give you the performance you want.

In addition, when you work with me you have access to expert support and guidance from other members of the Network of Consulting Professionals.

I use Strategyzer Business Model Canvas and Blue Ocean Strategy to show you how to move beyond head-to-head competition. I help you develop the business systems and processes to support your strategy, and develop the leadership capability of your team.

Maralee Executive is a 21st-century consulting firm that in addition to the above, gives you immediate affordable access to top-tier consultants and thought leaders of the Network of Consulting Professionals.