Kinder Corner

Kinder Corner

When Kinder Corner started as an online educational toy shop, we provided a wide range of educational toys that had been designed as toys to be educational.

Our Templestowe based toy shop is a true family business, we own and run the shop with help from our sons.

As parents to young children and European background we always got feedback from our friends that our boys` toys are different and interesting. We saw an opportunity to start a new business so launched Kinder Corner.

We want our Showroom to be a welcoming space where children (and adults!) can come have a play without having to worry about breaking things or telling the children not to touch.

Our sons bring with them six and eight years of experience in toy testing. Their advice is an invaluable asset which helps us to select toys that can provide the most stimulation and long term enjoyment, as well as those that stand a chance of surviving the foulest of temper tantrums.

What we sell

We only sell toys that we would buy for our kids. As buyers, play value is the most important to us, so you can rest assured that these toys are engaging and will be played with again and again. That being the case, they also need to be built to last. Our products are of the highest quality and kids feel happy, confident and inspired after playing with them.

We believe all children should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our innovative range of educational resources is designed to support a child’s development. We always have something for kids with learning difficulties or gifted children.

Some of our toys imported by us from Europe and can be found only at Kinder Corner in Australia.

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Kinder Corner Online Toy Shop

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Kinder Corner
Wood St, Templestowe, Victoria, Australia