Costumes Without Drama

Costumes Without Drama

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Anyone who has used the services of Costumes without Drama knows that they receive a fully comprehensive inventory of every costume item they receive. Schools and organisations receive their costumes individually bagged and labelled for specific characters.

Over many years, Costumes without Drama have worked in conjunction with a computer programmer to design a unique database program where we have our own complete inventory of stock, and can easily allocate costumes to clients. Working in a way similar to that of a library cataloguing system, costumes are logged in and out. All inventoried costume items have their own unique bar code, which makes it incredibly easy to just scan costumes in and out.

With the system we can track the history of costumes, amend details of repairs and alterations and even photograph individual items for reference.

Costumes without Drama have in excess of 10,000 children’s costume items. We have an extensive range of animals, uniforms, dance, international, historical and character costumes primarily for stage use. We provide a comprehensive costuming experience for teachers. Make an appointment to come out and browse and discuss your specific needs. You will be surprised at how easy the process can be. New costumes are being added to the inventory all the time. If you cannot find exactly what you are after, send and email, or phone us. We are here to help you.

We also provide fancy dress hire direct to the public.

Most available costumes are not only designed by Costumes without Drama, but made locally.