Home Based Business

Running your business from home can be a perfect way to balance work and family commitments; or you might be just starting out and wanting to minimise your overheads.

Manningham is home to a large number of home based businesses and we actively support and encourage this business community.

A home based business is run from a residential premises or building in which the owner of the business lives. It is important to distinguish between people who may be working from home, and those who are running a business from home. A home based business operator actually runs a business from home, and doesn’t work from home for an external organisation.

Is my business appropriate to run from home ?

Council has certain requirements for home based businesses.

These requirements help to ensure that your business won’t have a negative impact on your neighbours or the neighbourhood.

The most appropriate businesses or occupations to be conducted from the home are those where:

  • Only two employees who do not live in the home but work in the occupation or business operating in the home.
  • A room or space is set up for the business or occupation away from the rest of the household so that it is not affected by household noises or interruptions if you plan to meet clients at home.
  • The product or service does not require large storage areas, administration or waiting areas.
  • The product or service has only few deliveries and they only occur during normal business hours or daylight hours on weekends.
  • The product or service does not create noise pollution or any other disturbance that can affect the local neighbourhood.

Is my house appropriate for a business?

A house that is to be used both for living in and for running a business needs to be big enough to accommodate both uses.

You might like to consider the following list before you turn your home into a home based business:

  • Is there adequate parking available on site for your customers?
  • Is there adequate storage on site for your products?
  • Is there adequate room for your work space and that of any other employees?
  • Are you aware of any planning zones or overlays on your land that may prevent a home business or require a permit to be obtained?


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