Get Ready

Get Ready is an intensive 20-hour program including self-guided online and applied learning spread over 2 weeks. It is ideal for people looking to pivot their business in response to changing market conditions, or proactively grow their business in response to new and emerging opportunities.

Businesses will learn and apply techniques to pivot and grow by identifying new opportunities. With participation capped at 10 people to maximise engagement and the quality of interactive learning, the program is delivered in 5 x 2 hour facilitated sessions (via Zoom) over 2 weeks, with an additional 2 hours of self-guided online and applied learning informing each session.

In this program businesses will…

  • assess their key growth challenges and opportunities
  • identify solutions to the challenges identified in the business that are limiting growth
  • identify opportunities in the market that could be used to fuel growth

Those who complete Get Ready may like to consider applying (at own cost) for a position in the subsequent stages of the growth program (Get Set, and Grow!) to activate their newly identified growth opportunities.