How you can plan and build a blog for your business

Mar 13 Tue 2018

Manningham Civic Centre

6.00 pm - 9.00 pm
External Event

Guest Speaker, Matthew Farmer.

Matthew is a copywriter, professional writer, educator and literary alchemist who holds a degree in professional writing and communication.

He has been a freelance copywriter for over seven years, currently teaching copywriting and presenting at RMIT.

Matthew helps people get their thoughts into words and he writes and produces content for a variety of businesses to help tell their story and drive business. Matthew has a love of the written word and the power it can give to those who use it well.  A great meeting to attend for those who want to use it but struggle, he is here to help.

Visit the Manningham Business Network for more information.

Manningham Civic Centre

699 Doncaster Road,Doncaster Victoria 3108
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