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Applications are open from Tuesday 16 March 2021 and close on Monday 19 April at 11.59pm.


The Manningham Business Grants Program has been developed to assist businesses to make improvements and acquire new skills to be competitive in a COVID-19 online environment. The objectives of the Manningham Business Grants Program are to support:

  • social and economic sustainability
  • businesses to grow and prosper
  • local procurement and facilitating connections
  • creating business and employment opportunities
  • industry development

The Manningham Business Grants Program has up to $140,000 available for successful applicants. It is a competitive program where applicants need to meet the criteria and demonstrate in their application how the funding will not only support their business during this difficult period but also help it grow and thrive into the future.

These grants will also offer support to new and existing businesses to discover opportunities in the changed environment. Businesses can apply for one grant stream only and applications will be scored against a matrix that will determine successful applicants.

Two grant categories are available:

  1. Digital Business Support Grant – amounts of up to $2,000 are available to support small business with costs associated with moving online
  2. Business Coaching and Development Grant – amounts of up to $2,000 are available to encourage business growth and resilience through coaching, training and development.

The Manningham Business Grants Program is part of a number of measures Manningham Council has in place through the Covid-19 Community Relief Package, aimed at supporting local small businesses recovering from COVID-19 restrictions, helping them to invest in their business, build business resilience and adapt to the post COVID-19 economy. For more details visit 

Download the Manningham Business Grant Guidelines


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Grant Information Sessions

Information sessions were held at the end of March. You can view a recording of the session here.

Contact Us

All applicants must contact a Business Development Officer before submitting their application to discuss their grant proposal. The officer will ensure that the grant idea meets the criteria before you commit to writing your application.

Complete our call back request form and an officer will get in touch.

Manningham Business endorsed programs

Type: Business Growth
Program: Get Ready
Consultant: Runway
Cost: $1,500
Details: Get Ready is an intensive 20-hour program including self-guided online and applied learning spread over 2 weeks. It is ideal for people looking to pivot their business in response to changing market conditions, or proactively grow their business in response to new and emerging opportunities.

Type: Marketing
Program: 12 Week Marketing Makeover
Consultant: Paul McCarthy
Cost: $500 per participant
Start date: 15 June 2021
Details: The 12 Week Marketing Makeover is a program designed to help small business owners rapidly improve their marketing and bounce back from the challenges of the past 12 months. This highly practical program walks business owners step-by-step through how to design a marketing message that gets attention, create marketing materials that maximise their reach and reveals the most effective methods to amplify what they do and win more clients.

Want to find out more and meet Paul? Join his webinar on 8th of April at 1.00pm – How to Attract all the (Ready to Buy) Customers You Need in 2021! Bookings open now.

Type: Business Planning
Program: Business Planning for Success
Consultant: Maverick Mentoring
Cost: $1,650 per participant
Details: Business Planning for Success is a strategic and focused workshop series designed to support local small businesses recover from COVID-19 restrictions. This program will help you to invest in your business, build business resilience and adapt to the post COVID-19 economy.

Type: Business Fundamentals
Program: Full day coaching programs
Consultant: Business Benchmark Group
Cost: $2,000
Details: Intensive workshops which cover of the fundamentals of finance, sales and marketing, operations, teams and planning. Business owners can choose any two topics that you most need help with. Further information and dates.


For a list of other local Business Development Program suppliers, please visit

For a list of local businesses please see our business directory.


Grant Terms and Conditions

For Applicants 

The following general terms and conditions apply to the Business Grant Program:

  1. All applications must be approved by an authorised person in the business.
  2. Successful applicants must use Business Grant Program funding for the stated purpose for which the funding was awarded unless further written permission has been obtained from Council before the activity has commenced.
  3. Successful applicants must comply with all relevant State and Federal government legislation that apply to pertaining to the funded activity. If the funded activity involves contact with children, your group or organisation may be required to obtain a Working with Children (WWC) Check. To find out if you need a WWC Check or are exempt, visit
  4. Council’s Business Grant Program is a competitive funding scheme and the funding allocation is awarded on the merit of the application.
  5. Applicants must demonstrate satisfactory performance and adherence to all grant conditions (e.g. permit requirements such as traffic management plans, traders’ permits, etc.).
  6. The total funding available for Council’s Business Grant Program is subject to variation and Council’s annual Budget process.
  7. Council reserves the right to request further information in considering applications. If deemed necessary, applicants may be required to discuss or clarify their application with Council officers and/or provide further written information within a specified time frame.
  8. Canvassing or lobbying Councillors, Council employees or independent assessors, in relation to a grant application, is prohibited. Lobbying or canvassing relevant officers may result in your application being deemed ineligible.
  9. For the protection of grant applicants and those involved in the assessment process, all Council officers, Councillors and community members involved in the grant assessment process are required to declare their interest prior to assessing any grant applications or reviewing project evaluations and reports. This process ensures that a clear or perceived conflict of interest is promptly identified, addressed and recorded. In the event of a conflict of interest, the person will not participate in any discussion or decision making relating to the nominated item/s of conflict.
For funded recipients

Funding and Service Agreement (FASA)

10. Funded recipients will be expected to enter into a Funding and Service Agreement (Agreement) with Council. The Agreement:

  • Establishes a collaborative arrangement between Council and your business, based on the principles of co-operation and partnership
  • Outlines the roles and responsibilities of Council and your business in the provision and use of funding allocated under this Agreement
  • Includes general funding Terms and Conditions and may include special conditions relating to the delivery of the grant.

11. The Agreement must be completed, signed off and returned by the specified date for the funding to be released. Funding will not be made available to businesses who submit this documentation after this date or those that currently hold a debt with Council.
12. Any changes to the use of Council funding for purposes other than outlined in the Agreement must be approved by Council in writing. If the grant is not utilised for the stated purpose, the business must guarantee repayment in full to Council, plus interest earned, within one month of the end of the Agreement.
13. Funding that remains unspent upon the end of the Agreement must be repaid to Council within one month (of the end of the Agreement), unless activity changes are approved by Council in writing within 14 days of notification.
14. Allocation of funds to a business for any purpose, in any funding round, must not be taken as a commitment by Council to provide additional or recurrent funding beyond that specifically provided for in the Agreement.
15. Funded activities must be completed by 20 December 2021, unless an alternative arrangement has been approved by Council in writing (prior to the activity completion date).
16. The Agreement is governed by and is construed to be in accordance with the laws of Victoria.


17. If a permit is required for the funded activity, funded recipients must comply with all Council requirements. This includes matters such as road closures, outdoor advertising and temporary food premises.
Funding Allocation
18. Upon receipt of funding, funded recipients must deposit that sum in the interest-bearing bank account in the name of the business nominated in the Application Form.
19. Council disclaims all liability and responsibility for any direct or indirect loss to the recipient after the release of funding.
20. Funded recipients must take out and keep current during the period of the Agreement, public liability insurance. The public liability policy must be for a minimum of $5 million.
21. The public liability insurance ensures Council and the recipient against all actions, costs, claims, charges, expenses, and damages whatsoever which may be brought or made or claimed against them arising out of, or in relation to, the funded activity.
22. A copy of the Certificate of Currency is to be provided to Council before commencement of the funded activity. Funded recipients must also maintain WorkCover insurance, where relevant.

Marketing Requirements

23. Any publicity material promoting a funded activity is required to include the Council logo and should be submitted to Council’s Business Development Team for approval prior to printing.

Acquittal and Activity Completion Report

24. Council reserves the right to conduct financial and performance audits for funding it has provided. Consequently, funded recipients are required to maintain full records of receipts of activity expenditure and performance outputs/outcomes for the relevant period. These records are to be made available to Council and its officers/agents upon request.
25. Funded recipients are required to complete an Activity Completion Report (acquittal) within 2 months of completing the funded activity online at . This report certifies that the activity and funding was carried out in accordance with the Agreement. It should include proof of expenditure of Council funds (receipts and invoices) and copies of marketing material used to promote the funded activity.
26. Failure to provide a satisfactory acquittal may result in a funded business being deemed ineligible to receive any further funding from Council. Council’s reporting is directly linked to its requirement to report on how public funds are spent and whether funded groups and organisations have achieved the desired end result. While Council is committed to minimising administrative processes, it is also committed to the collection of high quality information that may be communicated across Council and the community.

Glossary of Terms and Definitions