ASBAS Digital Solutions Metro Launch

You are invited to attend Melbourne Innovation Centre’s launch of the ASBAS Digital Solutions program in metropolitan Victoria. MIC is delighted to help Victoria small businesses stay current across Victoria by delivering digitally-focssed training and mentoring services.

Register to the ASBAS Digital Solution program to access:

  • Group face to face workshops
  • 2 hours mentoring (per business)
  • Online resources and webinars

Guest Speakers:

Kirri Romero from The Online Fix
Digital as the Master of Who? Where to Start Online.

Digital has the power to change your business for the better. Truly. But how – and where to start? Come and learn why digital stacks the odds in your favour (despite what you heard) and how to make it deliver consistently for you.

Kris Pickering from Datafox
Cyber Attacks – Is Your Small Business at Risk?

Do you understand the possible risks in doing business online? Data breaches can cost your business money, confident information, and the trust of your customers. Find out what to look for and what you should do if your business is under a cyberattack!

Free to attend, bookings essential.