Manningham Business Website

Manningham Council is proud to provide this website and online business directory service to businesses and individuals within Manningham and beyond.

The Manningham Business Directory is free to register for all Manningham businesses and provides a great opportunity for local businesses to promote their products and services.

The Manningham Business website is also a great resource for:

  • Information about local shopping centres
  • Business development events
  • Business resources
  • Information on tourism within Manningham

The Manningham Business Community

Manningham is home to a thriving and diverse business community.

The Manningham business community is strongly service based.  Significant components include:

  • Retail with more than 30 local centres, nine neighbourhood activity centres, one major activity centre and one principal activity centre – the retail sector employs nearly 5,000 people and generates over $530 million to the local economy each year in Manningham;
  • Tourism, which employs 1,200 people and generates nearly $200 million to the local economy each year, has a regional focus in partnership with a number of key stakeholders in the eastern region;
  • Home based business account for around 80 per cent of all businesses in Manningham contributing to the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the municipality.

View Manningham’s Economic Profile for more details.

Manningham Council’s Business and Events Team is here to support local business, attract new business and investment to Manningham, and help develop leading local businesses.

For more information contact us.