Dr Brad’s House Call Vet

Dr Brad’s House Call Vet

Dr Brad Nettleton is available for home visits in multiple suburbs of Melbourne’s east, northeast and north (see full list on our website). He has 24 years’ experience working in Companion Animal Veterinary Practice and has managed two clinics in eastern and north eastern Melbourne over 12 years. Dr Brad also has extensive experience in the research and development of dog and cat vaccines. He is known for his gentle, caring approach towards people’s special family pets and really enjoys assisting their owners.

This Veterinary House Call Service is for anyone, but especially for pet owners:

  • that are too busy to attend their local fixed (bricks and mortar) veterinary practice
  • that prefer to see the same vet each time, to establish a pet / owner / vet relationship
  • that like the vet to have a bit more time to focus on their pet(s)
  • that have mobility issues such as transport, age-related, or a disability
  • that wish to avoid placing pets in their vehicle, especially during wet or hot weather
  • that have multiple pets and find it a chore to take them all to a fixed veterinary practice
  • whose pets become distressed in the presence of other animals / species eg: cats
  • that prefer their pets to remain relaxed by staying in the familiar surroundings of home
  • that don’t want their pets potentially exposed to infectious diseases outside home eg: puppies and kittens

Veterinary Services Provided:

  • Consultations and vaccinations
  • Physical and dental examinations
  • Heartworm prevention and intestinal worming medications
  • Microchipping
  • Pathology
  • Diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions
  • End of life care – euthanasia and basic palliative care
  • Referrals – more locally for x-rays and general surgery / to specialist veterinarians by recommendation

Veterinary Products Available:

  • Medications and shampoos
  • Specialised veterinary diets
  • Heartworm preventatives and intestinal wormers
  • Multi-parasite preventative products

………which in many cases can be ordered ahead and delivered to the client’s door.